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Welcome to Good Shiposter Wiki!

How the Internet works

This website is truely epic and awesome


Welcome, please read:

The goal of this group is to improve the mental health of netizens by educating them on the effects of community subversion and giving them the tools they need to find quality friends.

It's funded by a 0.5 BTC donation from a struggling shitposter shortly before he committed suicide. Allocation of these funds will be decided here.

Participation in this working group is voluntary, but members are expected to contribute when they can. What do you think should happen? Can you do it? Do it!

First order of business: should participation in this group exclude you from compensation? I would think so, but then how can we source quality paid labor if it's needed?

1. Why smol groups are necessary 2. How to roll out infrastructure to support smol group 3. How to grow your smol group 4. How to stop your smol group from growing too big