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Group Discovery

Group discovery is the process of finding a small group. Here are some ways that members of Good Shitposter have found groups in the past:

  • Being added to a group by a mutual friend
    • For this to happen, you have to have a friend to start with, which may be difficult.
    • If you already have just one friend, it is mathematically likely that they will have more friends.
    • You can ask your friend to introduce you to new friends by asking them “Hey friend, could you introduce me to more people? I value our friendship and would like to have more friendships like this one”.
  • Being added to a smol group by a stranger after mentioning interest in a shared subject within a much larger group
    • For this to happen, you must be participating in a larger group.
    • It is easiest for this to happen if you already have a consistent identity in the larger group, so this is less likely to happen on an anonymous web forum like 4chan.
    • Usually if you are in some large discussion group dedicated to no particular topic and you have similar interests with some of the other people in there, you will grow a bond with them and be able to create or join a smol group with these people. It might even be beneficial to the larger group so that conversation isn't monopolized by one niche topic.
  • Searching random keywords on apps like Telegram to find public groups
    • There are some public groups on apps like Telegram.
      • (I don't know about other apps so if you do, please add them here).
    • Telegram has a search bar where you can type anything that you want.
      • If, for example, you typed in “Classical Art”, you might find the popular channel “Classical Art Memes”. From there you can join the discussion group dedicated to the public channel.
    • Whatever group you find may be large or small, but it is at least a step in the right direction.
  • Reading sites like 4chan and seeing people advertise their small groups
    • Occasionally smol groups looking to grow will advertise their presence on public forums in a way other than paid ads, so that only those reading the site content will see the advertisement.
    • Some discord servers are the most popular ones that do this.
  • Listening to podcasts and joining discussion communities built around the podcast
    • Many podcasts have discussion groups because having a discussion group keeps listeners in a community centered around the podcast. This increases listenership and thus ad revenue. However, these discussion groups can sprout into entire communities and be a good method to make friends. Some examples of podcasts with discussion groups include The Dick Show, Jupiter Broadcasting, and <add more here>
  • Finding a forum dedicated to a specific topic of shared interest (a specific type of car, a specific game, etc)
    • If you have found yourself with a particular niche interest, there may well be a whole website dedicated to helping others with the same interest find each other.
    • Forums exist for many niche things including Rubik's Cubes, Japanese imported minitrucks, and many forums exist for broader topics such as coffee, laptops, and much more.
    • You can find forums for basically any interest by going on your favorite search engine and typing in “thing forum”.
  • Rolling out the infrastructure for a small group to exist independently of existing infrastructure and following the if you build it, they will come model
    • More to come on this point.
    • Perhaps someday, Good Shitposter will host a “infra in a box” to roll out infrastructure for small shitposting communities.
  • Going to church
    • (Note: many churches worldwide are currently closed due to government restrictions aimed at preventing the spread of the virus that causes COVID-19. However, churches in the USA are not required to be closed.)
    • Most churches have small groups.
    • These are not usually small groups of shitposters, but they are usually small groups of friendly and welcoming people who will take even the most autistic shitposters in with open arms as long as you don't go around screaming about the Jews and niggers and how great Richard Dawkins is.

Please add to this list with ways that you have found small groups in the past.

FIXME: Most of the items on this list will only help you find people on the Internet. Split up into 2 halves?

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