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Welcome to Good Shitposter Wiki!

The goal of Good Shitposter is to improve the mental health of netizens by educating them on the effects of community subversion and giving them the tools they need to find quality friends.

It's funded by a 0.5 BTC donation from a struggling shitposter shortly before he committed suicide. Our collective efforts are in his memory.

Project goals

We'd like to teach people


  • None of the last four steps are really necessary if our primary goal is to help people find existing small groups.
  • How do you find small groups that are dedicated to similar interests and exist in the same region of the world?


To edit this wiki, please join the working group.

Getting started

If you don't know where to begin, look for “holes” in the wiki. These are supposed to be clearly marked, either with FIXME, TODO, or with a red link (a link to nowhere, e.g. to a page waiting to be created).

Keep in mind that it's always easier to edit content than to create it from scratch. Therefore, please don't hesitate to write low-quality content with minor style issues, because this can always be fixed later on by someone else. Be bold!

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